Frequently Asked Questions

New & Returning Patients

What can I expect on the first visit?
To monitor whether our services are actually doing what we promote they will, we begin by examining and documenting* your current physical state. The information you provided on the Initial Intake form and at this visit will determine the nature of the exam, but can take up to 30 minutes. We’ll review your medical history, assess your needs and health goals, and discuss options for a plan of action/treatment. In most cases the examination flows right into the initial treatment commencing with some basic stretches. As your body relaxes, other techniques are employed to get to deeper layers of tissue, or to mobilize a joint. In some instances oils, balms, or heat may be used, but in all cases you can expect to be moved. Although no two treatments are the same, this will form the basis for tablework that follows. During this first visit you can wear comfortable loose clothing, however athletic wear (Shorts/Sportbra) is preferred for follow-up tablework. (For your health and safety, all patients must receive an initial exam to identify areas of concern, and to screen for underlying health risk factors before being treated. Please download and complete the initial intake form and bring with you to the first visit. This information will be reviewed with you by the doctor.)
What is the difference between Preventive vs. Medical Necessity care?
Medical Necessity and/or Corrective Care This is the standard of care typically associated with insurance reimbursement, for the treatment of an acute injury or symptom management. The doctor is required to examine the patient to establish proof of medical necessity; prescribe a treatment and/or rehabilitation plan; perform periodic reviews and documentation of progress, and work progressively towards dismissing the patient for return to normal activities. Also referred to by 3rd party payers as Managed Care.
Preventive/Wellness care A less formal and shorter course of therapy, collaboratively determined by the patient and doctor, with the primary goal of preventing minor complaints from becoming injuries. These services are also well suited to support an athletic training program (pre and post-event), or to promote general wellness and good mental health.
What is the frequency/length of care?
For preventive care, the frequency/length will primarily be determined by the patient and their needs. Under this category, you can receive services on request. For patients receiving medical necessity services, the frequency and number of visits will vary between individual patients, depending on the injury and any complicating factors (following medical/legal protocols). We regularly get 80-100% improvement in as few as 4-6 visits. Our treatment schedule and protocols are dynamic to adapt to how your body responds to the treatment. If you have questions or concerns about the frequency or length of care, we recommend contacting us.
Do you accept walk-ins?
No, sessions are by appointment only. Please call us at (650) 271-7138 to schedule an appointment.
What should I wear for my appointment?
Preferably the attire is Sports Bra/Shorts to allow for access to tissues that need to be worked on, as well as observing the effects of that work.
Do you take X-rays?
No. The musculoskeletal conditions that we restrict our services to do not require X-rays, nor would the findings alter the way that you would be treated. It is our belief that if your condition warrants X-rays (typically following severe trauma, such as an auto accident) you would be better served by seeing your medical doctor who would manage the pain that accompany those complaints. For our purposes photographs will serve just as well, and there is no risk of radiation exposure.

Fees & Insurance

Do you accept Insurance/ HSA or FSA?
In order to work on behalf of your best interests we request payment at the time of service, and provide you with the proper documentation required for your claims. If you have chiropractic insurance benefits you can easily file for reimbursement through your health plan. We choose not to accept insurance reimbursements directly. See our reasoning in the next paragraph. HSA/FSA- We are happy to accept HSA/FSA Cards for therapeutic services. Why don’t you just bill my insurance? There are several reasons: Doctors that accept insurance are forced use a limited set of “insurance-approved” treatments in order to get payment, regardless of your needs. Some doctors will even add unnecessary “insurance-approved” treatments to maximize payments (which is why you might encounter doctors that consistently use muscle stimulation, heat packs, and massage machines for all patients at every visit, regardless of condition). We’ve made the decision to avoid this system altogether, and focus on giving you high-quality care. The results we achieve speak for themselves. We define your care plan based on your goals — and not on the “bottom line” goals of your insurance company. As for our fees; we are straightforward in our pricing, and there are no hidden charges. Our flat fee structure covers everything necessary for each visit. We are therefore more cost-effective than an insurance-based practice, because we start with the goal of getting you back to optimal health and needing only occasional checkups. Many chiropractors ask you sign long-term contracts or require $1000’s or more up front, and still market to you for add-on services. We don’t subscribe to this philosophy of repetitive doctor’s visits or creative billing practices.
Are there any medical conditions that would make chiropractic, massage or bodywork inadvisable?
In fact there are, which is why the consultation and examination are so important. During your consultation, it is very important that you inform Dr. Vega of any health problems including the reasons for any medications you are taking so that he fully understands your medical history and can suggest the best treatment plan.

Cancellations & Timeliness

What if I need to cancel my appointment?
To avoid being charged a ‘missed appointment’ fee, please let us know 24 hours ahead of time if you will be unable to make your scheduled appointment. We ask for advance notice in fairness both to clients who would otherwise have wanted the appointment, and Dr. Vega, who could have used the time to help another patient in need.
What if I am running late?
If you are late to your session you are welcome to receive whatever time is left in your appointment. Due to our schedule we may be unable to extend your session beyond your original appointment time. While we try not to be late, if we are, we give you the full time or charge you less.


What type of payments do you accept?
We accept payment by cash, check, Visa/MasterCard/FLEX/HSA, and PayPal.