Services & Fees

First Visit:

  1. What happens? Med History & Evaluative Treatment (please plan for 90 minutes)
  • If you are hoping for a single visit fix, please know that the first visit will not be it. The purpose of this visit is to challenge your complaints, and gather information in order to prevent further injury.
  • After introductions you will be asked to rest on a table and be guided into stretches, muscles gently prodded and squeezed, and observed for body mechanics. The tools I rely on the most are my hands, and prescribed movement.
  • An “evaluative treatment” is my opportunity to demonstrate how I work, and show what I have to offer, which may be different from what you’re accustomed to from traditional chiropractic; and also for us to assess how best to work together for your goals.
  • In the process, I’ll explain what I see and the ‘why and how’ of my suggestions to help you make an informed decision regarding any future visits.

Follow-up & Cost:

A return session can last from 45 to 90 minutes, depending on presentation.

As I practice, any technique used has its merit and could be utilized during the same treatment in combination with other methods. I don’t hold one in any higher regard than another. One consistency, however, is that a session can be broken into three parts:

  1. Stretching for assessment
  2. Addressing mobility limitations
  3. Deeper “regional” work

Please note all sessions will include suggestions for self management.

Since I no longer maintain an active business due to recurring breaks, but still wish to empart what relief I can, my service is now donation based.